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Sustainable Development

Focus on SwallowsFocus on Swallows, WWF
Follow the life and journey of the swallows. Offers a natural way into an exploration of environmental and development issues. Links with global citizenship and sustainable development.

Education for SustainabilityEducation for Sustainability, WWF
Overview of the theory and practice of sustainability brings together contributions from environmental educators.


Sustainability in ActionSustainability in Action, WWF
Exploration of what sustainability might mean in practice. The use of case study materials tells the story of how people are involved in those projects.


Waking UpWaking Up, Tide - Development Education Centre
Using plants to investigate sustainable development at KS2.



Emily's JourneyEmily's Journey, Development Education Association
Sustainable development in Britain and Brazil.

Agenda 21 - Mission Made Possible, Peace Child International
Interim report on the rescue mission sustainability indicators project.

The Green FileThe Green File - St Albans City & District Council
Trevor Brennan the councils own environmental resource officer offers fun and practical advice on how to become more sustainable. For older children.



Rescue MissionRescue Mission Planet Earth Junior Indicators, Peace Child International
Specially designed for young people of primary school age. Student activity pack & teachers guide dealing with sustainable development.

Educating for the Future: A Practical Classroom Guide - WWF
Book provides an educational context and practical support for teachers who wish to make such a concern for the future more explicit in their classroom.

Pachamama - Our Earth - Our Future - Evans Brothers Ltd
Book based on the United Nations Environment programmes authoritative Global Environment Outlook, describes both the state of the world's environment and what activity governments and young people, are lacking to address the problems we face.

It's Our World TooIt's Our World Too, Tide - Development Education Centre
A local to global approach to environmental education at KS 2 & 3.

Stefi looks at…..range (air, wildlife, countryside, water, noise, rubbish)- Michael Benn & Associates
From the popular Stefi and the Environment series range.

Be the ChangeBe the Change - Peace Child International
Report of the Millennium Young Peoples Congress deciding priorities to sustain life through the next 1000 years.


Making a Difference - RSPB & Oxfam
Education for sustainable development within the Personal & Social education framework at key Stage 2.

Learning today with tomorrow in mindLearning today with tomorrow in mind - TIDE
Materials for teachers about the significant role schools play in teaching sustainable development. Practical ideas for supporting children's engagement in sustainable development. Covers all curriculum and key stages.

Education for sustainability - Local Borough councils of Croydon & Sutton and Oxfam.
Teaching activities on trees and paper, water for life, out local area and fair trade. Cover's all key stages.

Learning to Live for the Future - Brecon Beacons National Park, Trinity College & Peak National Park
Education pack helps teachers construct meaningful programmes of study which will enhance children's understanding of sustainable development and equip children with the knowledge, value, skills and confidence needed to become actively involved in the environment. Covers key stages 2 & 3.

Sacha Mama Mother Jungle. Eco-tourism in the Amazonian rain forest - Action Aid
A case study of sustainable development in Napo, Ecuador. Suitable for key stages 3 & 4 national curriculum geography. Covers climate, rain forest, migration & eco - tourism.

Credit to the poor. Sustainable Development in the Andes - Action Aid
A case study of sustainable development in Tarata & Candarave, Peru. Suitable for key stages 3 & 4 national curriculum geography. Covers Andean environment, community credit banks, development statistics.

Picking Up the Threads. Sustainable Development on the Altiplano. Bolivia- Action Aid
A case study of sustainable development in Calcha, Bolivia. Suitable for key stages 3 & 4 national curriculum geography. Covers Altiplano environment, short term migration, women's small businesses.

Learning for life. Agriculture and Development in Equatorial Uganda - Action Aid
A case study of sustainable development in Kitenga, Uganda. Suitable for key stages 3 & 4 national curriculum geography. Covers climate & vegetation, farming systems, parish development committees & education projects.

Our Street- Our World - Cathy Midwinter
A book, worksheets and photo set for exploring environment and development issues with 4 to 7 year olds.

Beneath your FeetBeneath your Feet - Jane Bayley
Activities including songs for children, backgrounds notes including National Curriculum planning guidance for teachers. Covers geography/science topic for key stages 1 & 2.



Global GeographyGlobal Geography - Tide & Geographical Association
Handbook is written to be used as an open book on the desk or kept as an accessible resource in the geography storeroom on issues surrounding development and education. Covers key stage 3.



Kumasi and Beyond, Urban development and enterpriseKumasi and Beyond, Urban development and enterprise - Tide
Book is about a town in Ghana called Kumasi, and about the people who live there. Has links with international links, environment, economics, and women in development & youth.

Pl@net.com - 4 Learning
Education for sustainable development for 9 - 13 years olds. Teachers' Guide contains programme outlines, classroom activities and follow-up work, photo sheets and background information.

Pl@net.comPl@net.com - 4 Learning
Education for sustainable development for 9 - 13 years olds. Video has case studies of environmental issues from around the world to convey the message, 'Think Global, Act Local'. Covers water, Biodiversity, natural resources and recycling, energy, food and farming, cars and rich world/poor world.

Changing TechnologyChanging Technology - Tide
Activity for teachers workshops and for students to explore the issues of the products and processes of technology. It includes photo stimulus sheets and a set of colour photos. Covers key stages 3 & 4.

Birmingham , Decisions on development - Tide
The book is complied either as a general 'reader' on development in Birmingham and covers development issues such as economic, social, environmental and political aspects of place. Covers A-Level and beyond.

A City for People, Birmingham -change and development - Tide
A book for Key Stages 3 & 4 in Geography. It hopes to encourage young people to think about development in their own area.

Development Compass Rose - Tide
Pack contains book and set of 16 colour photo's covers themes of development and environmental issues, community, curriculum planning.

Guidelines for global issues in Technology - A handbook for teachers and advisers, Intermediate Technology Development Group
Aim book is to introduce teachers to the opportunities and challenges of incorporating global issues into their work