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Food & Food Miles

Check this out, Why food costs more than you thinkCheck this out, Why food costs more than you think - RSPB
Resource pack looking at the 'true' cost of food to the environment.


Making a meal of itMaking a meal of it- Oxfam
Photo set and activity pack for 7 to 11 years olds, looking at food issues around the world.

The Whole World Cake - Christian Aid
Resource for use with 8 to 11 year olds about where our food comes from. Pack includes poster, photo, stories and teaching ideas.

Go BananasGo Bananas - Oxfam
Photopack for ages 5 - 11 about the journey of bananas from the Caribbean to the UK.

RSPB Habitats Series - RSPB
Posters and teaching activity for ages 7-11. Covers Science and Geography.

The coffee Chain Game - Oxfam
An activity on trade for participants aged 14 and upwards

The clothes Line - Oxfam
A photo set and activity pack for 7 to 11 year olds, looking at clothes, cotton and trade.

The Chocolate Game, Leeds Development Education Centre
The game is an activity based on the global cocoa trade. Issues dealt with include justice, inequality, wealth, poverty and power. Game aimed at 11 year olds.

Banana Link, Banana Link
Teaching notes and video designed for business studies, geography and Art at KS4/Standard Grade, but also relevant for a wide range of other subjects / levels