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Local Env. Information

Local Agenda 21, Quality of Life Reports and Environmental Strategies- Hertfordshire District Councils
Environmental Strategy for Three Rivers - Three Rivers District Council.
The environment and sustainability, an agenda for action in Dacorum - Dacorum Borough Council.
An Action Plan for the 21st Century - Hertsmere Borough Council.
Stevenage 2000+ A vision of a better Stevenage for the 21 Century and beyond - Stevenage Borough Council.
Environmental Strategy - Welwyn Hatfield Council.
Working Toward Tomorrow - St Albans City & District Council

Quality of Life ReportsState of Hertfordshire Environment Report & Quality of Life Reports (1992 - 2000) - Hertfordshire Environmental Forum
Gives information on the change over time of Hertfordshire Environment using a standard set of indicators.

Joint Effort- Welwyn Hatfield's Sustainability Action Magazine (Issues 1 to 6) - W/H Council.
Find out what's going on in 'your' local environment with W/H area.

An environment vision - Environment Agency (E/A)
Environment Agency Thames Region - Floods Review, State of the Environment Report for London 2001, State of the Environment Report for Thames Region 2001.

The Fact Files on the landfill directive and Integrated pollution prevention and control - E/A

State of the Environment of England and Wales Report on The land, The atmosphere, Fresh water - E/A

Guardians of the environment - Resource Pack - E/A
Designed to assist teachers to provide pupils an introduction to environmental issues - covers Key Stage 1, 2 and 3.