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Human Rights & Citizenship

Stand Up for Your RightsStand Up for Your Rights, Peace Child International
Powerful and unique commentary on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Stories, poems, personal recollections and illustrations help to bring each Article of the Declaration to life.

Our Island, Your Island, Peace Child International
A book by children of Cyprus, expression of young people on both sides care about the condition of their island.

Our World in Our Hands, Peace Child International
Book about directly involving young- read it and take the first step on the long road to global citizenship.

Local citizen; global citizenLocal citizen; global citizen - Christian Aid
Helps children explore the concepts of growth and development, interdependence and relationships. Provides lively activities supporting subject areas: PSHE/PSD/PSE and Citizenship, Geography, Maths, Science, RE, History and Multicultural Studies.

Your World, My World - Oxfam
Photo - pack for citizenship, PSE and PSD

Forests and futuresForests and futures - Hampshire Country Council
Video and workbook covers social and cultural education, global citizenship and education for sustainable development.


Citizenship for the FutureCitizenship for the Future - David Hicks
A teacher's handbook provides practical support for those who wish to bring citizenship and a concern for the future into their classroom teaching.


What a difference! - A cross-curricular resource linking Health, Safety, Sustainable Transport & the Environment with key issues of Citizenship. A key stage 2 Teachers' Notes Photocopiable Activities